TFWFIL (Chapter 2)

“She’s not answering” Mili concluded after calling Kaira for the 24th time and continued restlessly “I smell a problem, it has been 3 days now. Let’s just go see her” “She might be on some trip with Aamir or something, Chill”, Surbhi tried calming the over-hyped Mili. But it indeed was weird, Kaira has not... Continue Reading →

The Fool Who Fell In Love

‘Life is perfect’ Kaira thought waking up as she responded to Aamir’s everyday good-morning-text. She made it to her dream college, had really supportive friends who loved her, was making her parents proud everyday, there was nothing more she could ask for. ** She waved at her gang on reaching college and started heading towards... Continue Reading →

The Chicken-less Chicken Momos

It was summer of ’07. I was in 4th or 5th standard and like every other regular kid, was at my Granny’s place. I was enjoying the humid, torturous and choking summer of West Bengal, which I assumed were the worst (because I didn’t know worse was coming during college, right?). Mama( my mother’s brother) has been recently... Continue Reading →

Religion Of Colours

One fine afternoon I realized that my month old earphones aren’t working and decided that I need to take them to the service centre. So I asked my roomie to come along with me as the service center was at 23 min walking distance. I know that I sound like a penny pincher but hey... Continue Reading →

Tipu Sultan

Wasting my time on FB using 2G data in the 3G era was my favourite time pass. So , of all the pages I followed , I accidently started following a Pakistani page as well .I didn’t realize it until much later when I went through some of their sweet rivalry posts.  The stupid inside... Continue Reading →


I was at my grandpa’s in the summer of  ’10. Me and my cousin sister accompanied by Dadu, were awaiting lunch when my aunt came out of the kitchen with 2 utensils in her hands, one was a bowl  in  a weird condition with a mixture of all the items she cooked for the day and the other... Continue Reading →

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