Tipu Sultan

Wasting my time on FB using 2G data in the 3G era was my favourite time pass. So , of all the pages I followed , I accidently started following a Pakistani page as well .I didn’t realize it until much later when I went through some of their sweet rivalry posts.

 The stupid inside me awoke on one such post comparing Virat Kholi and Shahid Afridi and typed a comment, and war broke out. We started commenting about the good in our country and they starting bragging about theirs. Here’s how it went

 They “we have Pathans” .

Me “we have them as well but you also have terrorists” (I didn’t know what Pathans meant, I was just 16 then).

They “We have etc etc missiles”.

Me “That you use to bomb around”.

They  “We had Akbar”.

Me……(slow internet)……

They “We had Tipu Sultan”.

Yeah you read it right! They think they had Akbar and Tipu Sultan.

Me: (blocked from the page).

It took me a few moments to realize that they weren’t actually wrong. I realized that they have the same history as ours. That in history, we were actually one.  Same bloodshed, same culture, same rulers, same struggle , almost same day of independence and the very same line dividing us.

Congrats on another colonial lesson on learning to hate our own blood.

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