I was at my grandpa’s in the summer of  ’10. Me and my cousin sister accompanied by Dadu, were awaiting lunch when my aunt came out of the kitchen with 2 utensils in her hands, one was a bowl  in  a weird condition with a mixture of all the items she cooked for the day and the other was a plate  neatly decorated with the same items. She kept the first one in front of my sister and the other in front of my granddad.  No one said anything, it was just another normal thing for them but my mum’s heart sank watching her sweet little niece being treated like someone without taste buds and she exclaimed “ Aey Ram! Why didn’t you serve Maina in a good plate? What taste will she get out of the meal?”

To which my aunt casually replied,” She’s a girl, who knows where she’ll go! Let her  get used to itl”.

6 years later, I was at one of my cousin brother’s marriage. One of my sister-in-law’s asked her sister-in-law(i.e my sister)  to feed her 2 year old daughter and amidst the rush of a “shadi-wala-ghar”, she randomly took out a bowl, put baby food in it and handed it to my sister. The bowl had a slight crack which my sister noticed and clipped,

” This bowl’s broken!! She’s a girl, who knows where she’ll go!! Atleast treat her right now!!”

 Perspective   /pərˈspɛktɪv/

[countable] a particular attitude toward something; a way of thinking about something.

The word though used almost every other day actually took me 6 years to learn .

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