Religion Of Colours

One fine afternoon I realized that my month old earphones aren’t working and decided that I need to take them to the service centre. So I asked my roomie to come along with me as the service center was at 23 min walking distance. I know that I sound like a penny pincher but hey I value gifts okay.

After an hour of “5 more” we finally started on our trail to Mi Service Center. On our way through poverty, survival, trains,religion and buffaloes , we finally spotted it! No not the service centre but our stereotype.

Beside the Gurudwara along the narrow lane was a green cottage. It was a shade of bottle green mixed with lime solution painted light all over the exterior of the cottage. We assumed it to be a Dargah and my friend was pointing towards it’s water tap with an expression of being thirsty and to our shock on heading towards it, we saw the unbelievable!! We saw  a hindu priest offering aarti at some thing covered in red chunni(clothing offered to goddesses in Hinduism)!! We looked at each other confused and then at the board outside stating “Vasanti Mata Ka Mandir”(Temple of Vasanti Mata) .

Now,despite being a Hindu by religion, I still have no idea who Vasanti Mata is. But I do for sure know that we didn’t even spare colours off religion.

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