The Chicken-less Chicken Momos

It was summer of ’07. I was in 4th or 5th standard and like every other regular kid, was at my Granny’s place. I was enjoying the humid, torturous and choking summer of West Bengal, which I assumed were the worst (because I didn’t know worse was coming during college, right?).
 Mama( my mother’s brother) has been recently married and I was sent with the newly-weds to a nearby town as a reminder of why they should get too close too soon. Yes, I used to be a good-for- motivation, well-behaved child back in those days. So, after visiting a few relatives, we decided to have some momos , chicken I inferred. The momo seller was a young lean crooked chap in his late 20s.
So after being  baked for 15 more minutes in the heat of May, we finally got our momos. As I started munching on my chicken momos,  I realize that there’s no chicken in them, just boiled onions with the scent of chicken, but no chicken chunks!! Realizing that I’ve been scammed, I question the momo-seller –
Me to Momo-seller: Dada, where’s the chicken?
Mama: I think it’s silent. *mockingly*
Momo-seller: Look carefully, there’s chicken in every one of those mo mos.
So, we started looking carefully, only to find nothing but few grayish grains amidst boiled onions. As I started picking it up the mo mo seller shouted “ There!! That’s chicken you see!!”
So, he meant crushed chicken bones or intestines that too are scarcely distributed among “every one of those momos”.
The seller continued “ If you find any single one with no chicken, I won’t even take payment for the momos u ate!!” with pride upon his victory.
We discovered a new version of chicken that day and Of course there was “chicken” in “every one of those momos”.

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