TFWFIL (Chapter 2)

“She’s not answering” Mili concluded after calling Kaira for the 24th time and continued restlessly “I smell a problem, it has been 3 days now. Let’s just go see her”

“She might be on some trip with Aamir or something, Chill”, Surbhi tried calming the over-hyped Mili.

But it indeed was weird, Kaira has not been to college for 2 days now and haven’t informed anyone anything. She wasn’t responding to texts or calls either. But Aamir wasn’t in college either. So, it made more sense thinking that they were together somewhere, on some trip.

“Yeah makes 200% sense. Her boyfriend who has been acting weird lately took her to a trip.” Mili argued.

“To make things right again!!” Surbhi sang.

“I don’t know, but something seems off to me”

“Off about what? He was busy with the campaign and now that  he finally has time, he’s making it up for her”

“No, Surbhi. You remember what happened at the night of her birthday?”

“He  said something urgent came up and that he needs to leave and left.”

“Yeah, it has never happened before”

“You’re over thinking”

“Wtf is this?” Surbhi yelled  staring at her phone.


“She just posted ‘Happy Independence Day’ and changed her relationship status”

Surbhi rang Kaira up again, this time she took the call.

“What the hell, Kaira!! Where are you? And why weren’t you taking our calls?”

Kaira broke into laughter,replied “He left”, and then broke down.

“Who left?” Surbhi enquired not knowing how to react.

What happened next comes back to me now in flashes.

Kaira poured her heart out in tears. She told them how Aamir confessed the day before her birthday that he slept with someone else and how she told him that it’s okay and that she forgives him. She explained how she kept on lying to herself that everything was alright when it was not. But, what her words couldn’t explain were the words she read on the text and what happened next. Her pain started to choke her and her voice started breaking even more.

Kaira returned to college after 4 days.

She didn’t want to go to that place. The thought of revisiting the same place where it all started was suffocating. Everything was same, same road, same classes, same people, except for her.

Weeks passed.

Aamir was nowhere in sight. Getting up every day was a new struggle all over. She wanted to scream, ask him why, hug him crying and still slap him tight. She hated him and loved him at the same time. It’s a simple misunderstanding she kept on lying to herself. She just wanted to meet Aamir.

She kept checking her phone, expecting his call. Maybe the reality was just a bad dream, she kept on thinking. She wanted to wake up badly if it was. She wasn’t crying anymore. She realized she wasn’t sad anymore, she was simply numb.

 Maybe he’ll realize that he was wrong about leaving her, maybe he’ll realize that he made a wrong choice. Maybe he’ll return.

Maybe he’ll beg to have her back. Maybe.

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