The Fool Who Fell In Love

‘Life is perfect’ Kaira thought waking up as she responded to Aamir’s everyday good-morning-text. She made it to her dream college, had really supportive friends who loved her, was making her parents proud everyday, there was nothing more she could ask for.


She waved at her gang on reaching college and started heading towards them when a over speeding dude on bike crossed her.

“Easy dude!!” she shouted at him.

“Woo!! Who was that” Mili, her friend enquired.

“Crack head!!” Surbhi commented.

 “I’ll just tell Aamir, he’ll see to it” Kaira concluded.

“What if it was Aamir with some other girl” Surbhi joked.

“No. It can’t be, he’s not like other guys” Kaira shrugged off the taunt.

“Who knows, boys cannot be trusted!!” Mili backed Surbhi up.

“Mera wala alag hai( my guy is different from other guys)” Kaira said with 2000% confidence.


Kaira, Surbhi and Mili have been friends since 6th standard. There was nothing that could tear them apart. They knew each other inside out. From their first kiss to how pathetic the last guy they dated was in bed, they knew it all.

And Aamir? Oh! He met Kaira through a mutual friend and they’ve been inseparable since then.

Aamir was a soft spoken, good looking gentleman in his final year of college.  He was a member of college presidency and quiet popular among ladies, but he didn’t care, because his eyes were all set on Kaira.

Aamir was the exemplary boyfriend that TV shows have.Simply Perfect.


“Loveee!!” Kaira exclaimed endearingly and went to hug Aamir on finally meeting him at lunch.

“You look so tired!!” she pitied hugging him.

“Yeah.. with all the campaign..” Aamir answered standing still with no intension to hug his sweetheart back.

“You know today some idiot..” Kaira was about to start but Aamir interrupted checking his phone and left saying “Just text it to me, I gotta go”.

“What’s wrong with him?” Surbhi asked confused.

It was weird, Aamir has never behaved that way before, atleast not in public.

“He’s just busy” Kaira tried to clarify his behavior.

‘Ofcourse, with the he is just busy with all the election campaign and parties. Moreover, he might also be stressed about his career. Maybe I should give him some space.’ Kaira thought.

Kaira has always been a understanding girlfriend.

Aamir didn’t call or text her all day. She finally texted him “goodnyt” before going to sleep.

There was no reply the next morning. So she called him , “I was busy, see you at college sweetie” he replied and hung up.

Aamir was too busy with his campaign and parties. He barely had time for himself. Maybe this time his competition was tough but this has happened before. Kaira understood.

The election was in 2 days and Aamir’s presence became rarer, maybe he was too busy.

It was the day after the victory party that Aamir finally answered her call. They didn’t talk much but she assumed that he might simply be tired.

A week passed by but Aamir was still busy. Might be career stress she thought. He reached late for her birthday and left the party early.

19th September :

Kaira texted him“is everything alright? Like between us??”

No response.

He seldom received her call and the calls became shorter and rarer.

21st September:

She received a text from an unknown number “Stop disturbing my boyfriend”

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